• Programs customization.
  • Highly flexible approach to clinical research, from selected regional services to full-service international studies.
  • Particular care to the ethical nature and transparency of each implemented procedure to ensure an elevated reliability of the study outcomes
  • Experienced/dedicated project team
  • Implementation of web-based networks, able to meet each client request and to grant access to relevant trial-related information, updates on project status, newsletters, reports and databases.



Sintesi Research joins and integrates professionals inside a group of Companies established from capitalization of competence and business opportunity matured over the years.

  • Sintesi Informatica is a technology company providing services in project development, in production and maintenance of software solutions and it proposes itself as a partner of company board in projecting, managing and developing solutions and strategies concerning Information Technologies. Thanks to the synergies in the pharmaceutical sector, Sintesi Informatica has gained in experience and ensures high skills and a deep knowledge of the market.
  • Sintesi InfoMedica is a multimedia publishing company, dedicated to pharmaceutical market, offering a broad range of products and services, presented in both traditional printed and the latest electronic media formats or a combination of the two. Sintesi InfoMedica is committed to lead each project from conception to delivery in a timely and cost efficient way. Or, when needed, picking up a project in any work phase to meet the clients emerging needs.